Email Marketing / Newsletters

Every online business needs to provide a valuable and memorable service in order to generate and retain customers. Satisfied customers will return to purchase again and again, and in many cases will recommend your business to other potential customers.

Email marketing is the least expensive and most effective way to manage your promotional advertising, increase your profits and broaden your customer base. With an Opt-in subscribers list you can be more confident that your marketing messages are received, viewed and read by subscribers and not simply deleted. Every member of your Opt-in list can Opt out if your content is not of interest. This also prevents complaints of Spam. Another benefit is the ability to send reminders to your subscribers about products, services, promotions and special deals you are offering.

By encouraging your readers to forward your emails to other interested parties it is possible to increase your readership and improve the effectiveness of your marketing at no further cost.
  • Less time consuming and less expensive than direct mail or 'print' advertising
  • Delivered instantly to your audience and quick responses
  • 24 Hour marketing
  • Global contact
  • Tools are available to allow the sender to measure the click-through and conversion rate
  • Your newsletter can include links to specific areas on your web site